In your role as a commercial real estate industry leader, we are keenly attuned to the vast array of smart building systems information and choices now available, rapidly evolving and unforeseen coronavirus related impact to business - combined with the blistering pace of technological disruption.

Moreover, we fully grasp the reality that unprecedented cyber risk due to hackers’ evolved methods, inefficient building systems which often become prematurely obsolete, and savvy competitors deploying emerging proptech innovation in their quest to achieve competitive superiority compound your justified sense of apprehensiveness.

But let’s first step back to discuss our firm’s qualifications which, while self-promoting, is necessary to make our case that we can help guide you in shifting these challenges to your advantage.

Firstly, in the realm of commercial building security, energy management and life safety, the value created - based on the teams led in service to clients including Tishman Speyer, Hines, Vornado and other leading CRE developers and owners since 1981 – now encompasses thousands of commercial office, residential and mixed-use properties.

Secondly, breakthrough innovation is required to solve your dilemma and a prime example is our collaboration with nuclear energy industry trailblazer Terra Power.

The team that launched Terra Power began with first principles to solve the planet’s CO2 emissions dilemma by examining the full gamut of clean energy alternatives. In this process four core truths emerged opening a path forward for an energy breakthrough while demonstrating the tremendous value of this way of thinking.

To be clear, our role was pro-bono and involved raising awareness with institutional investors, and, while Nathan Myhrvold and Bill Gates performed the heavy thought leadership lifting, we deploy the same way of thinking acquired during our work on this project in the service of our clients.

Moreover, in 2017, our firm was most fortunate to secure an agreement to tackle a different energy market segment with the GE Hitachi Advanced Reactor Concepts project. This was a distinctively different team and culture but was another invaluable experience involving the breakthrough thinking needed to guide clients like you.

In summary, our unique qualification as your authoritative guide in overcoming your technology challenges is based on our founder’s four decades of commercial real estate technology expertise combined with our experience deploying first principles thinking to achieve bold leaps of innovation; accordingly, our mission is to empower you to convert the threats discussed above into the impetus to enhance your firm’s competitive advantage and propel your own prestige to new heights.